The society in developing the intellectual

Intellectual Development is the growth of the creative ability or prowess of a person’s mind. A person’s mind can be very powerful because it is regarded as the seat of the faculty of reasoning. So many people has done great things from the discovery of atoms to highly developed technology of today’s worlds. It is amazing that intellect is not developed at birth. It start and continues to develop throughout a person’s life. Most people never attain reasonably high intellect because they believe thinking makes one to develop high blood pressure which is a non-communicable disease. Science disagrees or proves otherwise, that a man who is involved in problem solving has all the part of his brain functioning and thereby making the person feel young.

It is painful how today world, especially those living in the African region are plagued with laziness. When I mean laziness it may mean people who has refused to have a sense of responsibility. They may be egotistic. While some people are plaguing themselves with hurtful thinking. It is pertinent to know that engaging in unproductive thinking will do nothing to raise a person’s intellectual capacity. Examples of people involved in hurtful thinking are addicts, co-addicts, criminals, even nagging individuals and those who enjoy talking about other people’s problems, etc. While these hurtful thinking are not just in the African community but world at large but is seen around the world where there is hatred and other vices. It is important to know that religion and spiritual doctrines was developed to help individuals attain such level of intellectual capacity but have failed. They failed because religious leaders are misguided and the doctrines corrupted. This as such has led followers to lose their way and individuals becomes blinded by worldly gains that may not last. Despite the principles that has been laid out that should lead to a sense of service the society hence have grown to be knowers rather than doers.

Having progressed from creative mind, we should know that a person’s mental capacity uses every fibre of the brain. It is wrong to think that a person uses a few percentage of the brain in a life time. As science has divided the brain into 3 different parts which performs specific functions. The mind capacity of an individual is dependent on the brain capability too. This is why a family consisting of 3 children cannot engage in the same interest or like the same things or go to same place or even watch the same firm.

As each individual cannot share the same intellectual interest, so likewise, each individual even from the same family background may not be able to be at the same intellectual stage of development. It is however true that our intellects all start developing at birth but it is important to understand that not all individuals of the same age reach maturity at 18. In fact, some children may mature much earlier. Even maturity of the mind may not even show in any of the physiological changes that happens at puberty but is seen only when a person(s) shows a sense of service either to self or to humanity at large. At this point I will elucidate the different stages of intellectual development with examples to help you understand what stage you are and engage your mind towards attaining the highest level of intellectual development required for healthy and spiritual upliftment. Hence are as follows:

• The lowest level of intellectual development – involves people incapable of thinking for themselves, they do not understand anything except their feelings. They only think along the line of “they gave me – it’s good! They stop giving me – it’s bad”.
• The third level involves people of high social rank who knows and follows earthly religious traditions concerning rituals and rules of conducts. I might say those who are hypocrites and tries to show the people how different they are. They are egotistical and hence, they are not able to apprehend the living words of God.
• The second level are people who understand the living word of God. These people who has attained this level of intellectual capability may well be the disciples of Jesus. The closest disciples of Jesus who may have tried to understand the teacher and have partly succeeded in it.
• The first level – here few persons have attained this level. And the only widely known person who has attained this level is Jesus Christ. Not even his personal apostles were able to comprehend with their mind all the profundity of his teachings.
From the stages of intellectual development we can see that the highest level is the point where the individual is no longer interested in being served but to serve. It is also important to understand that the developed intellect of a person does not mean that the ethical development of that person is also high. In fact, ethical development imply how a person grows to understand his community rules and regulations and abide by it, hence exercising their rights in that community. But it is important to know that a person’s ethical self-development is not possible without a developed intellect.

So how do we contribute to the intellectual development of person?

A person’s intellect can be developed by the following:

• Education – when a person goes through school or is home schooled to read and write. But it is important to understand that both interactions with individuals of same and/or of different age group would help more to improve a person’s creative mind.
• Labour – engaging in different kinds of labours specially the creative ones. Labours which have complex solutions and requires technicality will help an individual think before acting hence improve intellect.
• Books – working with various kinds of books, even taking part in theoretical search that is striving to acquire knowledge by all means.
A good example on how to improve a person’s creative mind is the modern society that is highly developed in scientific and technical aspects.



Recently, I got a email about what emotions is. According to the dictionary, emotion is a feeling. It is that thing that makes us do or say things. It could be positive or negative or according to my friend from oranum.org, it could be a feeling from fear or a desire.

Fear makes us do negative things, leads us to failure sometimes causing laziness. It has been associated my the medical psychologist to lead to depression.

Most people are even afraid of pains, can’t handle pain either and can be linked to the development of drug abuse.

Little we understand about these emotions as we humans are so complex that we hardly know how to control our emotions or feelings.

Religious groups believe we should control it. Although, religions like Hindu, Buddhism teaches freedom to exercise emotions. They believe restriction leads to revolt.

Guessing why there are too many groups protesting for their right from engender equality, socialist, democrats and even the Muslim radical group.

I think accepting our perfections and imperfections alike we can grow to make peace around us and improve ourselves to the maturity our creator expects of us.

What is love?

Love is everyone’s last name. You can find love in everything you do, feel, or what have you. Those who love tend to be conditional yet teach unconditional love. They believe it can not be attained.

Whereas defining love as conditional and unconditional is our human tendency to define and classify things. Those like Jesus and other great men and women found love in all their experiences. Their birth, pains, sufferings, joys, and even death. They say that you find peace by accepting all of life experiences both the good and the bad.

Hell, heaven has one thing in common and that’s love. We were created in love. Perfections, imperfections were all made perfect in love. It is only in love that you can find violence and peace, good and evil.

I have never found a family who has never had ups and downs. A family no matter how loving always falls apart and love is the reason. You can show me a criminal with stone cold heart and I will show you his weakness and that’s love. It is the reason we wake up every morning. It is why we go to war, we fight for those we love, the things we love and sometime for ourselves. There is no selfishness in fighting for what you want.

There is nothing like no redemption after hell. Hell is a place of correction where imperfect is made perfect through fire and love. The world is made for absolute evil and absolute good. Whereas we may as well wait for the end time, surely the end time had begun many many years ago. Those saying it has started this year or that year or it is coming, are really not following the news because is has been happening, it is still happening and might still continue.

The future is for God to decide, and when He reveals it to the people it is only what He wants the people to change. That’s does not mean He has shown us everything that will happen. What He has shown us is a fraction of what He knows. Whatever He shows us, is for us to understand and feel His presence.

He alone is loving and because He uses this love on us we also tend to share it among ourselves in pains and in pleasure, in good and the bad times. They say I love you at your worst and at your best but I say I love you at my worst and at my best. This is because misunderstandings are out of love. You can not argue with a stranger but with your friends and the people you love.

We are one body, one soul

Our lives’ a reflection of our soul. The soul in turn is the beginning of our lives. Whoever learns of the soul, is able to listen to it, can lead a courageous life.

Kings and Queens consider him a wiseman. That man operates in silence and finds beauty in his environment. So, it is said that a wiseman finds beauty hidden in the simplest of things.

Meditating in his environment, lets it mesmerize and seduce him. Hypnotized by it he is able to understand the words that universe speaks.

He returns not the same. But he remains the same bearing different clothings. Just as if his wisdom is riches.

The world has a soul says the Alchemist. But we are made of souls. And our soul is a part of the world. So when we die our soul becomes a soul of the world.

Amazingly, the soul of the world is therefore made up of both the soul of the good and the bad.

So why fight oh, Human? Why make an enemy of yourselves? Why expect each find pain or pleasure?

Do you not think that a man’s decision is to be respected? Do you not know that all men are equal but complementary?

Soul is equal, it speaks one language. It is therefore one. Therefore, we are one because we are part of one soul, we speak as one, act as one, feel as one.

Most recently a Chinese sneezed and soon after the whole world followed.

Do not think ill, just respect all and expect each to find his treasure.

Happy Sunday!

Happy Easter!

Just because

Recently, saw a rhyme that inspired me and decided to share it with my subscribes.

Just because ….

1. Just because I laugh a lot … it doesn’t mean I don’t take life seriously.🖤

2. Just because I act as if I’m happy … it doesn’t mean that everything is OK.🖤

3. Just because I’m willing to forgive … doesn’t mean that you can use me, or treat me badly.🖤

4. Just because I’m not in touch with you … doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten, or don’t care about, you.🖤

5. Just because I am trusting and am sometimes gullible… doesn’t mean that you can lie, or take advantage of me.🖤

6. Just because I hold back and don’t always show my feelings … doesn’t mean that I don’t feel, or can’t be hurt by you and others.🖤

7. Just because I find it hard to say the words “I love you” … doesn’t mean that I don’t love you, or care about you.🖤

Hope you would like it too.

Credits: https://t.me/supremeroyal

Beyond the Ego

Sometimes, while am watching movies I can’t help but wonder what our ultimate purpose is.

Most people thinks that we tend to chase after flesh. I know it is all part of life.

The question why do we live and why do we die? It keeps cropping up every now and then. Why does some people suffer fatally but still survive but others with minor life challenge don’t last?

These questions makes me feel that if because of the will of the creator some live and others die, then maybe he is a partial God.

The creator is not partial, God is simply beyond our imaginations. What we pass through is not his intentions. Nonetheless, God is the author of our fate.

Some may think am dogmatic. Just as every religious person is. But then the religious went ahead to hate sinners, even though what was advised is to hate was sin.

Perhaps, one can’t hate sin without hating its perpetrator. We the threat of eternal damnation, Christians are free to hope that one day these sinners will be punished. They hold this theory so dear that it has become some form of consolation.

Interestingly, I don’t see Christians as the forgiving type. This brings me back to the question what is our purpose in life. Why do some people die early while other live a very long live? Why do some die but are resurrected back to life?

To me it is not miracle but some unfinished business if you’d ask me. If we all were created with some purpose to fulfill, then it means that our lives is as long as it takes to achieve that purpose.

I think we should not be scared of our lives but to stay focused and live according to our feelings and passions but beyond the ego that makes us feel shame.

Complete Disarrayed

For sometime now I have been trying to date and for once I’d say, it works. I mean for me. At first I didn’t know until I started thinking positively.

I didn’t believe anyone could get to my level. I thought am too boring until I started trying to talk about how I feel. Like magic I started getting responses both negative and positive once.

I thought well I can try again. So I continued but then the negative responses wasn’t really negative but just trying to see if I will break. Well I’d say I did break but when I saw that some are still interested I knew that they just don’t want to say yes.

For me I just continue hitting hard, maybe, just maybe I might be lucky. Not the usual hit and run cases but something I can trust.

You see in this life we are just messed up. Trying to play tough but deep down we know we are nothing and that scares me. In fact, it makes me feel vulnerable. And I think vulnerable is what makes us human.

Yes we are evil but there is still some good within, so I say not just to you… yes you but to me “don’t ever feel lost” “don’t give up…” remember live is messed up but it is the messed up that really appreciate the perfect. And they become perfect in the process.

The Bill Gates views on the C. Virus

As a strong believer I believe the covid19 has a spiritual purpose. It is teaching us

It is teaching us that we are all equal whether in size, financial or even age, tribe or culture, righteous or wicked it doesn’t matter. Everyone is affected that’s the universal law.

It shows us that the false borders we put up to seclude ourselves doesn’t matter. We are connected and that the disease does not need a passport to get to its destination.

It allows us to understand what it means to be oppressed. To feel what others who has been oppressed feel.

That if we don’t look after our health we would get sick. Through activities such consuming unsafe food, drinking contaminated waters et al.

That our purpose is not to buy toilet roll but to actually help the sick and the aged.

That pursuing luxuries won’t help because our basic needs are simplest but most valuable.

It is reminding us how we have neglected our homes by forcing back home to care and rebuild it.

It reminds us that our true duty is to ourselves and neighbors. That our job is care for one another.

That no matter how great we think or others think we are a small thing such as the virus will bring our world to a total standstill.

Reminding us that we are free to be good and caring or be selfish and bring hardship on ourselves.

It reminds us that it that time again when we either panic that the world is getting to an end or be calm until it passes aways. As it has happened before in history.

It reminds us to take a sit think and reflect on ourselves and our lives. Reviewing our mistakes and starting over a new beginning.

It shows the reason for our ill health. That our environment is sick and it is affecting us too.

That every cycle has a phase and we need not panic. This too will pass away.

The Corona virus is not just a disaster but a corrector. A disciplinarian whose job is to remind us our duty to life which is to defeat the ego which is our enemy, the true enemy.


A story of a Knight

During the meditation of a Knight. The Holy One told him in a dream that He is the Unknown All Knowing. And that for the Knight to know him he needs to be in a deepest well for 3 nights.

The next day the Knight purchased a huge bucket and had himself lowered into a well. While in the well he discovered that he could still see the stars at night. He marveled at this.

When he came out of the well, the prince summoned the Knight to his tent so that he might learn of his experience in the well for 3 days and 3 nights.

After offering him a meal which declined for a date and fresh milk. The prince then asked him what the Holy One had revealed to him.

The Knight thought for a moment and replied “in seeking the light we are blinded by it”. He further said that “we should only concern ourselves with what’s beyond the light because it is out of the darkness which cradles us that the light shines.

He said the light is the way but the darkness is the beginning and the end.

Prince further pursued, in what way are we to know the Holy One.

The Knight replied saying “by living a simple live. By knowing that in order to see beyond the light one must descend into the darkness”.

Why we always date virgins

As a guy I prefer dating the younger girls to the mature ones. This is because they are still young with little to no experiences and looking for excitement. However, this agenda is supported by the females as long as it is not their daughters’. If it is their daughter then it is financial ish. It is believed that mature ladies know what they want and are independent. Then these guys go ahead and take these amateur ladies, promising them heavens since the girls are less secured. But then they grow up and become less moved by words and then they guys are back in the street approaching another little girl or give up on life altogether. In my perspective those guys are dependent or approval seekers. They want to soothe their ego by preying on the weak minds.

Now I prefer mature minds. A little girl is usually insecure from all the stories of how they are the weaker ones, how to get married to secure the future et al. Now these young girls get into relationships focusing on an outcome. These promising suitors matured with a reasoning that women always want something and that the older ones are pretty much difficult to deceive, always tend to promise this girl child of a good life. 

The end game is breakup. Of course, less honest relationships don’t last long. Even if they do, these little ones feel betrayed. If you ask yourself why women think men are liars and always gossiping about it. Then the truth is because these so-called mature men are immature and self-gratifying. In so doing they let their egos get in the way, covering up lies upon lies. Sometimes, trying to suppress the women they are meant to protect and let loose from staying in their head. 

Honestly, what men really want is someone to be with. Though, women no longer believe this. Therefore, we should be in a relationship simply for the sake of it. In fact, if you ask me I say it’s reason enough.

God, our ultimate desire

When your look at the mirror what do you see? I guess your own face. What if I ask you what you see in another’s face? Obviously I will look weird.

But you see, most times we get angry at people’s attitude. There is a saying that we tend to hate the people with the attitude we hate in ourselves. What am trying to say is we are drawn to people struggling with same flaws.

This means that when a person gets mad at you. It was never about you, it about them. They don’t hate you. They hate what they see in themselves.

Looking each other’s eyes what do we see. It out flaws. Our mistakes and that just makes us mad.

Learning to control ourselves. Knowing how to change ourselves will go a long way to help better the world.

Let us see each other as vessels. Knowing fully well that when vessels gets filled they spill over. Meaning we should learn to share what we have. Receiving only for the sake of God. Which means receiving in other to give.

This means that we should see the world as a beautiful place with nice people. Not as a bad place with selfish people. This is because the universe manifest whatever you believe. If it is good you believe in then it gives you good things.

Remember, nothing ever created is bad. It is our perception that is the problem. This is to say this world is an illusion. The real world can be perceived when we learn how to perceive God.

God is right here with us but because we walk out on him owing to the sin of Adam He became hidden from us. God is waitin for us to come back to him. How? Through our insatiable desire.

Who you are, whatever religion you belong, a way back to God is simply through desires.

I know our desires are evil but there is a saying that good things comes from the greatest of evil. God created us to be insatiable so that we can simply follow our hunger until we realize that our deepest darkest desire is to be with him forever.

Until then I wish us all luck as we travel our path to freedom which is cognizing with our root, God.

We all want to be heard

In a nutshell, I said there is a God. But then what did I just say?

You see fellaz, all week I have been trying to criticize everyone who cares to listen about my ideas.

The truth is that my ideas is not different from what everyone believes in.

It a shame that after listening intently for something different, you discovered it was just a waste of your precious time.

Thankfully, no one is listening but it is even worse. They have just made me mad.

Then and there someone offers an advise, you take to soothe your ego. On your way out you discovered at least someone heard you.

Then, you know that all we want is not just to be listened to but to be heard.

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